Private or Group Class Session

Group Classes

I teach group sessions, small group sessions and also private sessions. The group classes I teach are at various venues ranging from beginners to more advanced.

For a more personal experience then small group of 4-6 people, friend club together to make it more cost effective. However should you maybe want personal attention in your class then a private session is for you.

Class & Private Session Prices

Langrove Pilates SessionĀ  (Get in touch for price)
(non-member day pass which included use of Gym,
Steam Room and Pool)

Private Session Online (Get in touch for price)

About The Session

The session will usually last between 45 mins to 1 hour, sometimes they can be shorter and more condensed. Your first session will be longer as you will need to be comfortable with some start off tips. You will learn the correct Pilates technique that must be practiced regularly to see and maintain results. Wear something comfortable and non-restricting, bare feet or socks are fine. A mat to cushion your spine from the floor but a towel folded is a good substitute when first starting out.

Most of the Mat-Work Pilates exercises are done on the floor with no other equipment. As you become more familiar with the technique and your body awareness and strength improve the addition of resistance bands maybe used but will be provided for you in your session.

Book a Session

You can book a block of sessions or a single session. The block booked sessions work out cheaper so some of you may prefer to do that especially if there are small group of friends. I would prefer you to have at least one session per week with me (practicing on your own on other days).

Doing two sessions with me would set you on a great path and make you journey happen quicker, however the ultimate would be three sessions with me to reach your full potential. Not everyone gets on with the technique but perseverance is needed to give it a fair trial.

Tuesday and Thursdays are currently free to book a session (this may change). Please see timetable for times. TimeTable